Our Mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada.

Our promise is to create a uniquely Canadian experience of a vast land with a small-town feel.


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Opening in 2020


Toronto’s next big attraction launching Summer 2020

Little Canada takes you on a journey of discovery from the moment you enter, a place where you’ll lose yourself in our country’s captivating vistas, famous landmarks, iconic cityscapes and little stories in miniature scale. Our mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada.

Little Canada is a celebration of Canada and all that makes this country so great, shrunk into a 2 hour experience, a place for residents and visitors alike to experience Canada and all that it has to offer. All under one roof.

For launch in summer of 2020, we will open with our first 6 destinations; Little Niagara, Little Golden Horseshoe, Little Toronto, Little Ottawa, Petit Québec and Little North. Every year or two after, we will launch a new destination until our journey reaches across the country, coast-to-coast-to coast. From the border, through the Rockies. From the East Coast and up to the North, a new landscape to explore is around every corner – it’s an experience for all ages.




A Vast, Animated and Highly Detailed Miniature Canada


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Unit #3
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Unit D
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Tel: (905) 568-1664
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