A Milestone | Our First Corporate Event

We can add a new milestone to our list of ‘firsts’! On April 12th we hosted our first-ever corporate event of over 200 guests for Isherwood Geostructural Engineers’ 45th anniversary.  Corporate events will make up a big part of our business when we open to the public, but as we’re currently in construction mode, we thank Isherwood for their courage in betting on our ability to create a magical venue for their event.


Since 1972, Isherwood has pioneered innovation in the excavation and shoring of some of Canada’s most iconic historical and contemporary structures, including the Rogers Centre, Union Station, Absolute World Towers aka The Marilyn Monroe Buildings, The Bow and The L Tower

We leveraged this opportunity to test out a closer-to-final experience for Isherwood’s guests, who did not know that the event was being held in our miniature Canada until they walked through our doors.  Our team finished lighting up our Ottawa structures and streets, ran a trial of our autonomous cars system – our tech team has no fear! – and set up a 20 minute day to night lighting sequence.  And we created a 30-minute tour and unique mememto of the event.  We felt pretty good about the experience we’d created, but the proof is always in the guest feedback.  We collected 67 surveys from the event, and our Isherwood guests rated our attraction experience a 4.6 out of 5.0, on average.  Here is what they had to say:

“Great experience.  Can't wait to see more.”

"Very accommodating. Great hosts. Great reception & tours"

"Amazing, so impressed with everything"

“Great concept.  Real deal.  Actual 3D.  NOT virtual”

“Very creative.  Good atmosphere.”

“Can’t wait to see the ultimate product!”

This feedback is a promising indicator of the potential of our attraction with the corporate events market, and the event was a great learning experience for our team.  Check out photos from the evening below.

Camille Wodka