Farewell to a great Canadian Summer!


Buckle your seat belts and join us as we follow Maurice on a road trip across our mini Canada. No obstacle big or small will stop him from achieving his goal of uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within Our Home & Miniature Land. With wide eyes and a hopeful heart, he heads on his road trip of discovery.

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First stop, gas! After filling up at his local Petro Canada, Maurice grabs some ketchup chips - his favourite - from the convenience store and heads off to his next destination. He leaves knowing that he will soon return as his mini gas tank will not last him for very long.

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After a couple turns and mini snack breaks, Maurice found himself in the downtown of Oakville, Ontario. He was just driving along when a certain beauty caught his eye. A little church in the busyness of town was the destination of an elegant wedding. Maurice could not help but make a quick stop and snap a picture with the married couple.

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Heading westbound, he continued on his journey and came across the hidden treasure of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. The fascinating flowers and architecture left him no choice but to stay a while and relax. After marvelling at the rock garden and various trails, Maurice decided to get back in his van and continue on his journey. Feeling calm and one with nature, he drove on.

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Maurice then drove through several tiny towns and decided to take a break to stretch his legs. He hopped out of his car and went for a little stroll. Little did he know that he was walking straight towards a big parade. By the time Maurice had noticed, it was too late and he was caught walking in the middle of it! Failing to escape the busyness, he decided to go with the flow and walk in the parade.

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After dodging floats and squeezing through a crowd of people he found his way back to his van and continued on his trip. He headed north to see what Ottawa had in store for him. Once in the nation’s capital, he saw many famous buildings and monuments. One destination in particular caught his eye, the peculiar cat sanctuary. Welcomed by the mini purrs of the parliament cats, Maurice enjoyed the company of his new feline friends and snapped a picture to show his moose friends later.

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After his visit to the cat sanctuary Maurice headed back to the road. For his last stop, he decided to ditch his van and catch a ride on a cruise boat. Seeing Canada from the water allowed him to see everything from a different view. He came to the realization that Canada is filled with treasures, big and mini. In fact, Canada itself is a beautiful prize and no matter how hard he looks to find all the mini treasures it holds, he will never find them all. There are just too many!


Camille Wodka