Own a little piece of the country you love!

Location, location, location has been a KEY to our business strategy. With our permanent home now established in one of Canada’s top-tier public locations, Little Canada is thrilled to be initiating its last major capital raise, commencing this month. We’re very pleased to announce that this new round is being co-led by a new substantial external investor. In addition to welcoming this new investor, and inviting our current investors to participate, this round is being extended to new, prospective-investors, on the same terms. Join our current shareholder-family of 125 large and small investors and help us bring-to-market this truly unique legacy to this country we love!  To paraphrase the words of a very knowledge investor:

Our investment focus is on

“essential infrastructure”

– investments like hydro-electric dams, transportation infrastructure and the like. 

In Little Canada, we see a unique opportunity to invest in                                          

“essential social infrastructure”.” 

To learn more about the Little Canada investment opportunity, and to find out how to invest in Little Canada, contact Bill Tharp by email at bill@tangerine-tango.com or by phone on 416-505-3256.

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