Little Inventors : Space Homes


As children we often scribbled ideas throughout the pages of our notebooks with hopes that they would come true, never thinking that someone could one day build your crazy idea!

Little Inventors, Inventions for Space! is powered by the Natural Science and Engineering Research of Canada, NSERC/CRSNG. They’ve teamed up with the Canadian Space Agency to invite children to share their innovative, creative and fun inventions and connect them with expert makers for the chance to turn their out-of-this-world ideas into physical things. 


Miniature Maker, Spencer Barclay embarked on a mission with Little Inventors, to bring to life 11-year-old William’s invention of a Space Home. Inspired by Canadian Astronaut David St. Jacques’ mission to space, William’s invention is the Space Homes - a home away from home and a place that would give him a sense of his family while on mission.

Watch the incredible transformation, and William and Spencer’s journey as they bring to life this astonishing space craft – the Space Homes.


Space Homes Step 1 : The Skype Call

Space Homes Step 2 : Prototype Development

Space Homes Step 3 : Assembly

Space Homes Step 4 : Final details and the BIG reveal


To read more about the project and Little Inventors, visit :

Note! The Space Home will be sent to Fredericton, NB where it will compete amongst other awesome inventions with the winner having their creation sent up to the International Space Station with David St. Jacques.

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Camille Wodka