MiniWorld Lyon, a playground for everybody!

Who knew all it took was a little spring cleaning to set in motion an idea that would become the largest park of animated miniatures in France. This little story started in 2012 when founder, Richard Richarté was clearing out his garage and came across an old miniature model. His interest piqued as he noticed his daughter’s enthusiasm while she helped assemble it. After a bit of googling and a deep dive into the land of miniature things, Richard was hooked.

Mini World Lyon is the latest miniature attraction to open in Europe and like many before it, it was inspired by the beautiful works of Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. After three years and over 30 thousand square feet of imagining, planning and constructing, Mini World Lyon opened its doors on June 30th 2016 and has been delighting its guests with miniature wonders ever since. 

Mini World Lyon is made up of three main exhibits that represent town, country, and mountain. These  exhibits  include  30,000  figures,  4,000  animals,  40,000 trees, 2,000 meters of railway track,  150 trains and 300 animated scenes. Obviously not done alone, Richard put together an impressive team made up of 20+ individuals that include artistic creators, R&D technicians and marketing experts, all of whom helped turn his vision into a reality.

On November 19th 2016, MiniWorld Lyon hit a quick milestone as it welcomed its 100,000th visitor in just its 5th month! Each day Mini World Lyon continues to create incredible experiences for its guests, full of wonder and magic at every turn.  We wish them all the best during this exciting time.

Camille Wodka