Canada's most visited in mini!

Mark making museums!

Mark making museums!

Adding to our roster of notable buildings is the Canadian Museum of History. This primarily curved building is a one of the largest in our miniature world, so big that we’ve had to scale it down from our regular 1:87 scale to make it fit!

The Canadian Museum of history makes a huge impact in our Ottawa destination as it stands brightly lit with 250 LED lights on the bank of our Ottawa River. The interior scene of the museum’s Grand Hall, a giant room encapsulated by windows and framing view of Parliament Hill, is home to the largest indoor totem pole display in the world – ours may be the ‘smallest’ collection of indoor totem pole! – and representation of the history and cultures of the First Peoples of Canada’s Pacific Coast.

Lead designer Mark Domanski, who also led design for our Parliament Buildings, says the feature most significant to him is the lighting effect. He adds that the use of lighting brings out the curvature of the building, making the structure appear more realistic and striking.

Camille Wodka