MiniWorld Rotterdam, home of the world’s largest miniature port


Known as Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam is a city with amazing culture and heritage. In addition to being a city with the second largest population in the Netherlands, it is home to another fellow miniature attraction, MiniWorld Rotterdam. The idea to build a miniature world first originated in 2003, fast forward a few years later, and on March 30, 2007, MiniWorld Rotterdam opened its doors to the world. Located on the Weena, a high-rise street within the city, the 6,000 square foot miniature attraction has brought a sense of wonder to every guest that walks through since the opening.


With the slogan, There Is A Whole World Waiting For You, MiniWorld Rotterdam offers its guests the chance to experience beautiful Dutch landscapes and the city of Rotterdam in a new, miniature way. With day turning into night every 24 minutes and the world’s largest miniature port, you feel a part of the world the moment you enter. From amazing water features and beautiful harbours to its own miniature version of Kinderdijk, a village in the Netherlands known for its iconic 18th century windmills, MiniWorld Rotterdam has captured the essence of the Netherlands. In 2014, MiniWorld expanded its exhibit with the extension of Great Britain that includes discovery tours through England, Wales & Scotland.

The attraction offers a beautifully detailed look inside a miniature world of the Netherlands. Make sure to check out MiniWorld Rotterdam’s website at to see more of the amazing worked being created by their talented team. All the best as they continue to build their miniature dreams.

Camille Wodka