Mini Spotlight | Nancy Sumioka

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Behind the magic of the lights, scenery and structures are the people creating it all. The energy they bring in addition to their skill are the building blocks of this journey. This month, we spotlight one of our very much appreciated team members and miniature Canada builders - Nancy Sumioka!

Nancy has been part of the team for over a year and a half now and isn't new to the world of making little things. She is an avid member of The Willowdale Mini Makers (WIMMS) and the Miniature Enthusiast of Toronto (MET) clubs.

Her fascination and love of miniatures started at an early age. An ordinary cupboard was a world of little possibilities for Nancy, so it was no surprise when she turned one into a miniature dollhouse. Furniture, clothes, jewelry - she created it all. This passion was shared with her family and friends who were fundamental in turning this childhood hobby into a lifelong passion.

Nancy's time at Our Home & Miniature Land is spent building the tiniest of details, creating intricate interiors and curating ideas to place in our world. She was a major contributor to the Japanese cultural celebration represented in our Ottawa destination which she notes as one of her favourite projects as she could bring her own cultural heritage into the world. She brings enthusiasm, energy and a warm smile every time she walks through the doors and we're thrilled to have her on our team!

Camille Wodka