Welcome New Hires to Our Team!

We’ve found our home in the heart of Toronto, but the heart of Little Canada truly lies in the people helping to build it all.  We’re excited to welcome to our team six new Little Canadians with great talent and big ideas! And we discovered that our new hires all have something in common - their love for Canada!  Read up below on our new miniature makers and their unique affections for Canada.




Jessica is one of our talented model makers at Little Canada. Her passion for miniatures stems far beyond her work at Little Canada. In her free time, she builds miniature dollhouses and highly detailed interiors. Check out the awesome miniature interior she created for the launch of Drake One Fifty. Jessica loves to paint and also collects ventriloquist dummies.

What do you love about Canada?

Jessica’s love for Canada lies in the Casa Loma building that has always been close to her heart. She has been going there ever since she was a little girl and loves the interior design and beauty it provides.



Alex is an Animatronics Specialist here at Little Canada and is especially proud of his work on the Honest Eds sign, check it out here - it’s a masterpiece. When he’s not at work, he enjoys pursuing his love of Star Wars by visiting children in hospitals in full Star Wars costume.  

What does he love about Canada?

Alex appreciates Canada for the simple things that we get to enjoy such as freedom, water, electricity and the diversity it provides.



Rita is a 3D Fabrication Specialist at Little Canada. Her main role at Little Canada is building our fleet of miniature vehicles, creating the decals and 3D printing parts. In her free time, she loves to paint, draw and sing. Keep an eye out for one of her most recent projects, a 3D printed dump truck! 

What do you love about Canada?

Rita values Canada for its multiculturalism and endless opportunities that she has to learn something new.



Aisha is the Accounting and Office Administrator at Little Canada. She has worked as a finance associate for many different companies, even managing her family business for a few years. She is enamoured with the world and loves to travel.  If she could, she would travel all over the world. Over the years Aisha has also developed a love for baking, which she indulges in during her free time.  That’s good news for our Miniature Makers team, as there are more than a few sweet tooth’s in the workshop.

What do you love about Canada?

Living so close to nature is what Aisha loves most about Canada. The diversity and depth of Canada’s landscape, the changing colours on the trees, the sight of water along every drive, and even the squirrels climbing up and down the trees. Aisha comes to Canada from Dubai, which is mostly a desert, so she makes sure to take a moment every day to enjoy the diversity of nature in her new home.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 11.36.53 AM.png


Phil brings many skills to our Miniature Makers team as one of our Mechatronic Specialists. He works on the Wireless Charging System for road vehicles and a vehicle endurance test track so that our fleet of vehicles can run for endless hours. Phil continues his interest in railways, model railways and electronics outside of work.

 What do you love about Canada?

Phil adores Canada for its variety of terrain, as well as its diversity in food, not necessarily in that order.



Kent is our 3D Digital Fabrication Specialist at Little Canada. Outside of work Kent is a volunteer firefighter and member of the Route 87 Club. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new places and jamming out to good ol’ Rock & Roll.  

What do you love about Canada?

Having lived in multiple provinces, Kent has grown to appreciate the people who make each of those provinces unique. He is proud to be part of a country that offers people the freedom to enjoy what they love, where they love to live!

Camille Wodka