A big welcome to our newest Volunteer, Razi Ahmad!

Our miniature family is growing, and recently we’ve welcomed our newest Canada Builder, Razi Ahmad. Razi has been a volunteer with us since the beginning of January and with him he brings incredible architectural experience. Razi moved to Canada from Bangladesh in 2015 where he ran his own architectural company. His background and knowledge of building scale models is evident in his amazing design work. Razi brings a unique hand-crafted style of building to the team and we’re thrilled to have it incorporated into our miniature world.

Razi’s first project is the construction of Place du Centre, a shopping centre located in Gatineau, Quebec. The miniature structure is being built primarily by hand, each individual piece cut using a ruler and exacto knife. Using mostly laser board, MDF and PETG plastic material, Razi’s meticulous cutting and attention to detail shows in this miniature representation of Place du Centre.   Get a sneak peek into Razi’s work-in-progress below and stay tuned for the completed design!

Camille Wodka