Mini Spotlight | Spencer Barclay


How many people can say they have their dream job?  Well, ask Spencer Barclay and he’ll tell you that’s exactly what he’s doing. As a freelance model builder for Our Home and Miniature Land, Spencer has created spectacular work, from Hamilton’s spherical methane gas tank to a lively Oktoberfest parade that makes you want to jump in, grab a beer and be part of the celebration.

Spencer’s work involves many skills, all of which encompass his experience working with miniatures. His ability to create a work of art from practically nothing is extraordinary, and his ’kitbashing’ skills, a process combining different elements from kits, are one of a kind. For Spencer, to bring a structure to life is all in the details.


Miniatures have been a part of Spencer’s life since childhood. He would spend countless hours watching his father make scenery and lay track for his personal model railway. What’s more, Spencer’s grandfather was a commercial artist who had his own model railway back in the 1950s. To this day, Spencer continues to use his grandfather’s airbrushes, keeping the tradition in the family.

Spencer studied at OCAD University in Toronto, and his experience as a house painter, set builder and video producer have contributed greatly to his expertise in miniature making.  He enjoys building sci-fi model kits and photography. His favourite book is The Road and his favourite movies are Alien and Aliens.

Spencer is working his magic to help us build our miniature world, adding a personal touch to every model and scene he creates. We’re lucky to have him be a part of the team!

Camille Wodka