Infusion of Summer Students


We have an infusion of fresh perspectives and exciting skills from our four talented summer student Miniature Makers who joined our team for the summer. Please give a warm Canadian welcome to our Nur, Sierra and Maya and Colin.


Nur just finished her first year at U of T  for architecture. She is working on structures, detail and culture for the summer. Check out the beautiful work she’s done of a Turkish Canadian cultural scene in our Little Ottawa and her patient work on Little Niagara’s wineries. Along with Nancy and Maggie, Nur has created around 200 rows of vines.


Sierra is in her second year of Teachers College at York University. During her time at Little Canada, she will be working on structures and streetscapes. Currently, she’s working on the Moses Znaimer’s ZoomerPlex for our Little Toronto, the mini-world famous wineries of our Little Niagara, and the roads in our Niagara-on-the-Lake. We can’t wait to see the end result! Sierra is excited to be a part of such a unique attraction and is loving the opportunity to build excitement and curiosity about Canada.


Maya is coming up on her second year at Wilfred Laurier University studying Communications and English. She will be working on a variety of communications work while she is with us for the summer, including this Monthly Round-Up (she hopes you like it!).  This is Maya’s second summer working at Little Canada and she has returned because she loves the experience of creating a voice and sharing the stories of Little Canada, and the friendly work environment.


Colin finished his second year at OCAD where he is studying industrial design. His time here has been spent working on large structures for the lower skylines of the Niagara bridge. He has already created multiple beautiful structures including the Falls Avenue Water Park, the Crown Plaza Hotel and Casino Niagara! Colin is pretty jazzed to be here for the summer as this is his first real design job and he is proud to be a part of a team that represents Canada so well on a design level.


Keep your eye out for the work of these talented Miniature Makers!

Camille Wodka