The Little Canada Experience


Our goal is to make our Little Canada experience one that is near-and-dear to your heart. We have put countless hours into making sure that when you experience Little Canada, you experience all the big and little things that make this country so great. Many quirks and treasures wait to be discovered when you enter - a uniquely Canadian experience of a vast land with that cozy, small-town feel. 


At first entry, you will be greeted by the friendliest of customs agents.  If you ask for it, you might even get a big bear hug!  You’ll hear the roar of a cascading 25 ft wide Horseshoe falls and then continue your journey through the 6 destinations of our launch; Little Niagara, Little Golden Horseshoe, Little Toronto, Little Ottawa, Petit Québec and Little North.  And you can peek in on the progress of our next destination, Little East Coast, because we’re going to keep building until Little Canada reaches from miniature coast-to-coast-to-coast.


Destinations for launch in 2020


That’s not all! Along your journey, you’ll discover many other experiences of Little Canada.  Want to become a Little Canadian yourself?  Stop at our Littlization Station to get scanned into your very own 3-D Little Me.  We’ll make you an official citizen of Little Canada and place your Little Me in our world – at Carnaval in Quebec, perhaps?   If you’re feeling expressive, step up to our Dear Canada Message Board and tell us how you feel about Canada, the Big or Little version. Curious on how our team builds this little world?  Stop by our Miniature Makers space to watch our craftspeople at work!  If you’re feeling a bit hungry, you can pop into our Little Bites cafe where all your Canadian food needs will be fulfilled. And on your way out, be sure to grab a souvenir of your favourite little destination at our Little Things gift shop!

 At Little Canada there is so much to explore and because we are adding a new destination every year or two, you’re going to want to keep coming back!


Camille Wodka