Time to Celebrate!


Our mini Ottawans are no longer stuck in time thanks to the incredible work of Scott Wilk from Wilk Watchworks. Using his mastery of beautiful watches, he has made the hands of our Parliament Hill Peace Tower Clock able to tell time, bringing another element of our miniature Canada to life!


Scott created four beautiful clocks for our mini Peace Tower of Parliament Hill. The clocks are Swiss made, quartz movement with decals that replicate the real thing. A lot of time (no pun intended) and patience went into creating these beautiful pieces and when you see the intricacies and detail you can understand why. Lastly, to fully create the look of illuminated clocks, Tyler and Mark added LED lights to achieve a beautiful lighting effect for when our miniature day turns to night, which will be every twenty minutes - we'll set our clocks to it. 

Can you tell if this is real or miniature?

Can you tell if this is real or miniature?


Scott attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He began his career designing and creating jewellery but found himself enamoured by the world of watch clocks. Fast forward eight years later and Scott continues to create unique and timeless pieces.  He has been featured in publications such as The Globe and Mail, New York Post and Wall Street Journal showcasing his incredible work. If you’re interested in owning a Scott Wilk original, visit his website at: http://wilkwatchworks.com.

Camille Wodka