Welcome to Little Canada


Our mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada amongst our guests. Our promise to them is to create a uniquely Canadian experience of a vast land with a small-town feel. 

Our promise begins with our brand name, Little Canada, ou si vous préférez en français, Petit Canada.  Our full brand name is Little Canada, Our Home and Miniature Land.  But you can call us Little Canada for short.

In our quest to capture the essence of our vast, animated and highly detailed miniature Canada attraction in a word or two, we explored many avenues.  We surveyed prospective guests from Niagara to Windsor to Ottawa. And for good measure, we asked a few experts too.

We surveyed 400 participants, through an 8-minute online survey, to help determine the best brand for our new attraction.  We discovered that 97% of people agree that they’d love to learn more about Canada, and that 89% of those people agree that a miniature world is an interesting way to do so.  In our brand assessment, we found that 70% of people would be interested in visiting our attraction based on the name Little Canada. The findings also showed that Little Canada is intriguing, and piques curiosity. As one respondent wrote, “Makes it look like a unique, modern experience in Canada, about Canada.”

For many of us, Little Canada was an obvious choice – its short and sweet, it does what it says on the tin, and its got a bit of intrigue.  No one calls the world’s 2nd largest country “little” - that should get their attention!

But for some, it took time for the new brand to grow.  “I have to be honest,” says our President Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, “I had and still have high affection for our original brand, Our Home & Miniature Land.  It captures a powerful and inspiring sentiment for us – an experience of home. But I also must admit that the more time I spent with Little Canada, the more obvious it became that this brand is a wonderful and powerful choice for our miniature Canada experience.” 


To leverage Our Home & Miniature Land, we integrated it into our new brand identity.  It sits and waits to be discovered under closer scrutiny… just like our vast experience of Canada, where you must look closely to uncover the tiny detail within.


In conjunction with today’s announcement of our new brand, we will be rolling out Little Canada with a new domain name - www.little-canada.ca, and a revised web-site.  Be sure to search us out!

Camille Wodka