Welcome Aboard!


Our attraction is all about people – our designers, builders, operators and communicators - and it’s always a joy to welcome bright new minds to our team.  Say hello to Michael and Maya, our summer students!

Michael is one of our miniature builders, and joins us as a co-op student from The University of Toronto where he studies computer science. Working with Stan, Michael’s main goal is to help to bring our miniature world to life through animation. Some of his master skills have been used in the development of the Devil’s Punchbowl waterfall of our Hamilton destination to create a lighting system that mimics the look of a real waterfall.

Maya, our new miniature communicator, joins us as a recent graduate from King’s Christian Collegiate in Oakville.  This summer, she will be helping bring our voice to life through the stories we share on social media and right here in our Mini-Monthly Round-Up! Maya will also be working part-time as a builder - keep an eye out for some of her work.  She will be attending Laurier University in September to study Communications, and we think this job will be a nice little step for her into that field.

Welcome to the team!


Camille Wodka