There are two ways to invest! 


Through our big investor and small investor campaigns, you have the opportunity to own a piece of miniature Canada. Our small investor campaign, hosted on FrontFundr, allows you to invest between $1,000 and $50,000. When you invest in Our Home & Miniature Land, you’re helping to build a vast country attraction that’s small enough for everyone to visit. Your investment will help us to complete our next three destinations - Niagara Falls, Quebec City and Montreal, and open to the public in a downtown Toronto location in 2019.

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Bringing Canada just a little bit closer...

Canada is a vast country of physical and cultural diversity.  So vast that some would say it's impossible to experience in a lifetime.  Our vision is to bring all of Canada just a little bit closer, to build a place where people can see and experience our glorious country from coast to coast to coast, in an afternoon.




A miniature adventure from coast to coast to coast!

To be located in downtown Toronto and opened in 2019, Our Home & Miniature Land is a unique in-door entertainment attraction that taps into the universal fascination we have with miniaturizing our known world, and celebrates the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this great country.  It will be an immersive journey of discovery through an animated, miniaturized Canada.


 Toronto - An Attractive Market

Toronto is a big and growing market of residents and tourists, a perfect combination for a new attraction.  The fourth largest city in North America is home to 7 million residents, and attracts 27 million tourists a year.  Visitor spending in Toronto reached a record $8.8 billion in 2017, +47% since 2012, according to Tourism Toronto, while the # of visitors to Toronto rose +17% in the same period.

Toronto Market.png

The Attractions Market - It’s All About The Experience

The Attractions business is booming in Toronto.  From the CN Tower’s Edgewalk to Ripley’s Aquarium, which is rated the #1 thing to do in Toronto on TripAdvisor.  From Legoland Discovery Centre to the ROM’s Friday Night Live, which attracts 3,500 people a night and boasts being "Toronto's biggest Friday night party".  People are flocking to attractions that offer immersive hands-on experiences.  



Proof of Concept - Be First-to-Market in Canada with a Highly Rated Attraction

There is a growing global trend in the attractions business - vast, indoor, animated miniature worlds.  Miniatur Wunderland, a 70,000 square foot indoor miniature world, opened in Hamburg, Germany, in 2001.  Miniatur Wunderland has grown every year since launch, and attracted 1.4 million visitors in 2017.  Miniatur Wunderland is rated the #1 “thing to do” in all of Germany on TripAdvisor, and was named the #1 tourist attraction in Germany in 2017, in a survey completed by Tourism Germany of over 16,000 respondents.  Comments on TripAdvisor range from “You will fall in love with it.  I am sure about it!” to “This will blow your mind”.


Inspired by the launch of Miniatur Wunderland, a number of other successful indoor miniature world attractions have opened across Europe.  Grand Maket Russia opened in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2012, had an estimated 550,000 visitors last year, and is ranked #9 out of 1,857 things to do in St. Petersburg, with a stellar 4.8/5.0 rating on TripAdvisor. Mini-World Lyon opened in Lyon France, in 2016, attracted 200,000 visitors in its first year, and is ranked #10 out of 230 things to do in Lyon, on TripAdvisor.


The first North American indoor animated miniature world, Gulliver’s Gate, opened the doors to its 50,000 square foot attraction in New York City’s Times Square in May 2017, with an investment of US$40 million.  Gulliver's Gate has received strong initial consumer reviews, with a TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 - the same rating as Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.


The indoor miniature world attraction trend continues around the world.  Merlin Entertainment, the #2 attractions player behind Disney, opened Little Big City Berlin in July 2017, and has announced the opening of Little Big City Beijing in 2018.  The Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum (EMRCA), led by Thomas Wrens and to be housed in a Frank Gehry designed building, is proposed for opening in North Adams, Massachusetts in 2020.  And Small Worlds Inc. has announced that they are developing two attractions, inspired by Mini World Lyon, for Okinawa, in 2020, and for Tokyo, in 2022.


The Math - Small is Big

The math in the attractions industry is a straightforward formula…


We’re creating an immersive experience that will attract tourists and residents, adults and children, business people and students alike. We will open with 6 Canadian destinations to explore, in one downtown Toronto location. And we’ll launch a new destination every other year, to attract 500,000 visitors per year.  Our revenue will come from admissions, food and beverage, 3D printed and miniature gifts, and corporate and social events.  This is a place where people will want to celebrate special occasions.

Our Home & Miniature Land

At Our Home & Miniature Land, we are building a unique and immersive miniature world experience for our guests that is unlike anything they have ever seen.  We are combining the 19th century crafts of model railways, dollhouse-making and model ship building with the 21st century technologies of miniature lighting, theatrical sound design, video projection, 3D printing and augmented reality.

Projection image.jpg

The founders of Our Home & Miniature Land have established a talented team of model makers and miniature world builders, and have invested $5.0MM and 75,000 hours to create a pilot site of two initial destinations, Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe, and a third destination-in-construction, Ottawa.

For launch, the team will create a journey through 12,000 square feet of miniature Canada, with 6 destinations to explore, from a uniquely Canadian border experience at Niagara Falls, to a trip through the bustling and vibrant communities of Southern Ontario.  From an adventure to The North, with its crisp, cold and startlingly beautiful northern lights and arctic terrain, to a journey through the old world charm of la belle province, Quebec.  And finally, a stop in Canada's capital, Ottawa and a celebration of our nation.   Guests can also enjoy experiences like 3D scanning and "mini-me" printing, a workshop visit, behind the scenes tours, a gift shop, and maybe even a miniature Canada themed restaurant - mini poutine or beaver tails, anyone?  We will invest 180,000 hours in total to get to launch.  And we won't stop there. We'll start building our 7th destination right away, for guests to see and learn about.


Our pilot site already contains 600+ buildings, 5,000ft of railway track, and a custom autonomous car control system with 50+ self-driving cars.  A Toronto skyline lit by 30,000 LED lights and a 14-foot CN Tower.  Our 401 highway will be the busiest in the miniature world, with self-driving cars zipping past.   And we’re well on our way to completing our miniature version of the nation’s capital, Ottawa, complete with majestic Parliament Hill.



The Golden Horseshoe & Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario.jpg



Our Canada Builder Perks Program

As a Canada builder, you’ll receive special access to Our Home & Miniature Land, and we’ll 3D shrink you, and place you in our miniature Canada.  You can also be 3D printed to be a part of our Builders Circle, in our lobby and on our website.

Act fast and as our gift to you, receive a little piece of our miniature Canada.

The first two hundred investors, at any level, will receive a limited edition Our Home & Miniature Land fully lit “fishbowl” city bus, miniature-sized of course!

Arif Virani.jpg

Own a little piece of the country you love

When you invest in Our Home & Miniature Land, you’re helping to build a vast country attraction that’s small enough for everyone to visit. Your investment will help us to complete our next three destinations - Niagara Falls, Quebec City and The Rockies, and launch to the public with 6 destinations in a downtown Toronto location in 2019.  It will also allow you to own a little piece of our Miniature Canada for opening day, literally.  

In addition to owning an interest in the Company, you will be invited to enjoy the perks of our Investor Builders, like a 3D printed version of yourself, or whomever you’d like, to be placed anywhere you’d like within our miniature world.  And depending on your level of investment, you will receive special access to our facility.

Receive Perks!



Please join us in building an exciting new legacy to this great country of ours, a journey of discovery and delight from coast to coast to coast, that anyone can enjoy in just one visit.