FrontFundr Investment Offer FAQ

Tiered Rewards

Q. What are the Tiered Investment Perks?

A. When you invest in our company, not only do you receive equity in the form of preferred shares, but you also receive a 3D printed “mini-me” version of your self to place in our world, as well as special access to our attraction and other perks, depending on your level of investment. Check out our investor perks on our FrontFundr campaign page via this link

Q. How do I get scanned to become part of Our Home & Miniature Land?

A. All of our investors will have a 3D printed 1:87 scale version of themselves placed in our miniature Canada, in the location of their choice eg. on Parliament Hill, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, on the streets of the walled city of Quebec. And if you invest at the 5,000 level or more, we’ll send you a 5” version of your 3D selfie. To be 3D printed, you will need to be scanned at the facility of our 3D Printing Partner, Objex Unlimited, at 36 Fieldway Road in Etobicoke, Ontario.


Q. Can I have someone else 3D printed in my place?  Can I have additional people 3D printed?

A. Absolutely! You can designate a spouse, child or friend to be 3D printed in your place.


Q. Do you have a date for the pre-launch investor sneak previews of the attraction?

A. When we have secured this 2nd stage of capital, our next step is to secure a location and set a launch date. We will notify all investors when we have secured a location and a launch date. Our pre-launch sneak preview for investors will be set for 4-12 weeks in advance of opening day, and we will send investors an invite for this date well in advance.

Equity, Stock & Ownership

Q.  Is this campaign an investment or a donation?

A. This is an investment. You will receive preferred shares in company, commensurate to your level of investment. The perks are in addition to the equity stake that you receive.


Q. Can you send me the financials and details of the offer?

A. Full details of the offering are included in the Canadian Offering Memorandum – please review this document carefully prior to investing.  You can find it here on our FrontFundr page or here on our website.


Q.  What is the procedure if I wish to invest more than C$50,000?

A. Individuals who wish to invest over C$50,000 are invited to contact our founder, Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, directly, by email at


Q.  If I live outside Canada, can I still invest?

A. The investment of $1,000-$50,000 through FrontFundr is available to residents of Canada only. The investment opportunity in Our Home & Miniature Land is made available by FrontFundr to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Please note that there is a minimum investment threshold per province that must be reached before Our Home & Miniature Land can accept new shareholders from that province. If you have questions regarding the minimum threshold for a particular province, please contact



Q. When is my equity investment “official” – how do I get notified?

Investors will invest through the FrontFundr portal via a subscription agreement, and will receive electronic notification from FrontFundr once shares have been issued to each investor. Upon receiving such notification, the investor will be able to log in to their FrontFundr account to confirm details.


Q.  How will I make back my investment?

A.  Once revenue milestones have been achieved, management will consider the best exit strategy for its shareholders. This may include issuing additional debt instruments in order to drive further sales growth, a strategic merger with, or acquisition by, another entity in a similar market sector, or an IPO (Initial Public Offering).


Q.  How many shares are available for investment?

A. There is no maximum number of shares available for investment. $5 million has been invested and committed by the founders. We are looking to raise a further $10million. We are building a syndicate of individuals who are willing to invest in the company, through two approaches:

• Individuals who wish to invest from C$1,000 up to C$50,000 can invest through the FrontFundr platform @

• Individuals who wish to invest over C$50,000 are asked to contact Jean-Louis directly at


Q. What happens to my investment if you don’t raise the necessary funds?

A. If we do not achieve the minimum offering of C$500,000, we will return all funds and the offering will be cancelled. All investor funds will be held in trust pending closing and will be fully refunded if we do not achieve the minimum offering.

Business Plan

Q.  Why are you not building all of Canada for launch?

A. Our vast, detailed miniature world is labour intensive. It takes over 30,000 hours and up to C$1,000,000 to build one destination. To launch all of Canada at once would be time and capital prohibitive. Our plan is to launch with an initial set of destinations, and to build out from coast to coast to coast over the first 5-10 years after launch. An initial launch of 6 destinations will provide our guests with 2 hours of entertainment in one visit. We will use positive cashflow and bank debt to launch a new destination every year or two. This approach of launching a smaller set of destinations and expanding with new destinations over time has been very successful for other miniature worlds. The plan to launch new destinations over time is a key way to drive return visits to our attraction.


Q. Where will the attraction be located?

A. Our Home & Miniature Land will be located in downtown Toronto, close to major leisure and tourism destinations, and accessible by car and transit. We have 6 location criteria:

1. ability to deliver a magical miniature Canada experience
2. sufficient space for our revenue programming eg. events, 3D printing, education 3. accessible by car, bus, transit, bicycle or foot
4. proximity to other leisure destinations and traffic
5. street level visibility
6. Fit-out, leasing and operational costs

We have identified a number of potential locations, and we’re currently in discussions with these landlords.


Q. What ticket price will you charge?

A. Our financial model has set an adult full ticket price of C$25, which is below first tier pricing in the attractions market. The CN Tower charges C$39 for timed front-of-the-line entry to the main observation deck. Ripley’s Aquarium charges C$35 for express anytime adult entry. Casa Loma charges $26.55 for adult entry. Legoland Discover Centre charges $26 for an adult flexi ticket. Child, student and senior tickets will be set at a discount to the adult ticket price, and further discounts will be available for on-line, timed entry tickets and group tickets/annual memberships.


Q. What are the planned revenues, costs, EBTDA margins, profits?

A. Details of the business plan are included in the Canadian Offering Memorandum – please review this document carefully prior to investing.  You can find it on our FrontFundr page.


Q. Will the government provide assistance?

A. We are pursuing discussions with the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.

So far we have been successful in tapping into SRED (research and development tax credit) and have applied to participate in NSERC through our partner George Brown College.