Job Description

Job Title:                  Fabrication Designer

Reports to:               VP Build

Job Type:                 Full-time Contract

About Little Canada

Our mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada.  Our promise is to create a uniquely Canadian experience of a vast land with a small-town feel.

Little Canada is a vast, highly detailed and animated journey through Canada in miniature.  This permanent attraction will open in summer 2020 in the heart of downtown Toronto, in a 50,000 square foot facility. Our goal is to be a top 10 attraction in Toronto, with anticipated attendance of over 500,000/year.

Our Big 5 Values and what they look like for this role:

1.    We create to amaze! – the astonishment of our guests is our inspiration

You understand that the guest reaction is our ultimate inspiration.  You see your contributions through the eyes of the guest and understand how to work with your team mates to create the guest experience.

2.    We’re naturally curious – we’re eager to learn

You ask why?  And why not?  You see problems as opportunities to be figured out.

3.    We are family – we support each other

You demonstrate this in the compassion and empathy you have for your team mates, both on your direct team and across the company.  You know more than just their names; you make a point of learning who they are and more about their shared passion for Little Canada.

4.    We’re better together – we bring out the extraordinary in each other

You see the strengths and potential in your team mates, and you support and rely on them to help reach your shared team goals.

5.    We’re serious about fun – like any self-respecting Canadian, we don’t take ourselves too seriously

You actively participate in and encourage others in creating opportunities for fun.

 Job Overview

The Fabrication Designer will lead the design, fabrication, and installation of custom elements of Little Canada, primarily roads for our miniature fleet of vehicles, secondarily for the superstructure framing for destination displays, meanwhile assisting with destination design and fulfilling essential build coordination roles. This role leverages a combination of 2D and 3D design and physical production capabilities, from CNC milling, laser cutting, and 3D printing, proficient with hand tools, carpentry tools, painting, working in miniature proportions, along with an inclination to project management, such as: the coordination and procurement required for DFab, coordination of available build space, and preparation of drawings for coordination with suppliers, experience designers and architectural services.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Reports to and is supported by Little Canada’s VP Build

  • Design, fabricate, and install, active roads, static roads, sidewalks, and details

  • Road related R&D, development of specs, integration into the Little-Canada world

  • Coordination with Vehicle Team; with Experience Design, Destination Designer

  • Assist with Preliminary Design for destination displays

  • Assist with Design Development for destination displays

  • Assist with Fabrication Design for destination displays

  • Provide drawing assistance for suppliers, experience designers and architectural

  • Provide drawings and space planning assistance for current and future locations

  • Provide drawings and shop drawings for miniature world build coordination

  • Procurement of materials, suppliers, and coordination of outsourced CNC work

  • Coordination of available build space and warehouse constraints

  • Support creation of other custom miniature elements as required

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with the Build team

  • Embrace the Little Canada Health and Safety Program

  • Embody the values of Little Canada

  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Experience

  • 2D AutoCAD necessity (Note: Little Canada to provide this software & hardware)

  • Proficiency in file, layer, and drawing management

  • Practical experience and proficiency in design, fabrication files for 2D CNC milling, 2D laser cutting, and 3D printing. Attention to detail, digital fabrication oriented

  • Practical experience and proficiency in 3D Modelling software geared to the production of physical objects

  • Basic to moderate experience and proficiency in electrical systems

  • Proficiency In accurate measurement and the appreciation of fine tolerances, installation/hands-on oriented

  • Appreciation for multi-disciplinary approach

  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills; ability to build rapport and work collaboratively

  • Excellent organizational skills; able to plan and deliver against large pieces of work

  • Strong customer service orientation

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced team environment

Working Conditions

  • Flexible work-time between attraction site and remote.  Mondays will require on-site presence for team communications meetings.  Production work will require presence at the attraction site.

  • May require long periods of on-site coordination    

If this sounds like you, please send your portfolio or resume to and please specify the job position in the subject line.