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Canada's Vast Beauty & Diversity, Under One Roof

Join us in building a magical journey of discovery across Canada in miniature... Toronto's next big attraction, opening 2020.


Our Inspiration

Canada is a vast country of natural beauty and cultural diversity.  So vast that some would say it's impossible to experience in a lifetime. Our vision is to bring all of Canada just a little bit closer, to build a place where people can see and experience our glorious country from coast-to-coast-to-coast, in an afternoon.



Little Canada Overview

Little Canada's vision is to entertain its guests with a magical journey of discovery through Canada, that will be amazing, exciting and meaningful for all. 

The attraction, which includes over 45,000 sq. ft. of subway/PATH accessible indoor space, will be located at 10 Dundas East, at Canada’s busiest intersection, Yonge & Dundas, seeing over 10,000,000 visitors every year.


Our New Location at 10 Dundas East!


The Company’s mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada, including the diversity, culture, industry, and innovations that make Canada a unique place to live or visit. The attraction will offer an immersive journey through Canada in miniature, from coast-to-coast-to-coast, including such features as a roaring 50 linear foot Little Niagara Falls and 14 ft sky-high CN Tower.


For launch in 2020, we’ll be opening with 5 destinations, which include destinations such as Little Niagara, Little Toronto and Little Ottawa. You’ll also get a peek into the progress of our next destination, Little North. After the launch of our first 5 destinations, every year or two after, we will open a new destination until the journey is inclusive of each province and territory of Canada, coast-to-coast-to-coast. From the border, through the Rockies. From the East Coast and up to the North, a new landscape to explore is around every corner - it’s an experience for all ages.


The Market – Toronto, Canada

Toronto is an attractive market for entertainment and leisure, based on its resident population and visitors. Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America, with a city population of 2,800,000 people, and a Greater Metropolitan Area population of 5,900,000 people. The Greater Toronto tourism market has grown rapidly, with 43,700,000 visitors spending $8,800,000,000 per year in 2017, per Tourism Toronto.

Source: Tourism Toronto Market Report Sep 2018

Source: Tourism Toronto Market Report Sep 2018

The Toronto Attractions market comprises millions of visitors each year. The demand for attractions entertainment, from both tourists and residents, continues to out-pace supply. Since Ripley’s Aquarium’s launched in 2013, it has grown to the leading indoor attraction in Toronto, with an estimated 2,500,000 visitors each year. Ripley’s Aquarium announced its 10,000,000th visitor in October 2018. The CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium’s next-door neighbour, has grown every year since 2013 as well, to almost 2,000,000 people per year, indicating the under-served demand in the market.

Source: Public Company Reports and Management Estimates

Source: Public Company Reports and Management Estimates

Proof of Concept

Vast, Highly Detailed, Animated Miniature World Attractions

Little Canada will be first-to-market in Canada, part of a global trend of vast, highly detailed, animated, and highly rated miniature world attractions. This trend was started by Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, which has grown every year since its launch in 2001, to receive over 1,400,000 visitors in 2018. For comparison, the largest museum in Hamburg, Hamburg Kunsthalle Museum, attracts 400,000 people per year. Miniatur Wunderland is rated the #1 “thing to do” in all of Germany on TripAdvisor.Inspired by Miniatur Wunderland, other vast, animated miniature worlds have opened around the world, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Lyon, France and New York, USA to big success. Future miniature worlds are being planned for London, UK, San Francisco USA and Tokyo, Japan.


Local Research and Insight

The Company conducted recent quantitative research that suggests that people are looking for ways to connect with Canada. 6 of 10 Ontario residents strongly agreed that they’d love to learn more about Canada, and 4 of 10 strongly agreed that a “mini” world would be an appealing way to explore the country. In pilot site respondent surveys, 73% of participants rated the experience 5 out of 5 – excellent.

Source: Ignite Research Inc. On-Line Survey of 400 Ontarians, Nov 2018

Source: Ignite Research Inc. On-Line Survey of 400 Ontarians, Nov 2018

Little Canada pilot site surveys 2017-18 n=259

Little Canada pilot site surveys 2017-18 n=259

Little Canada Location – 10 Dundas East, at Yonge-Dundas Square

Little Canada will be located at 10 Dundas East, a premiere entertainment building located on the north side of Yonge-Dundas Square, at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas streets, the busiest intersection in Toronto.10,000,000 people come through the doors of 10 Dundas East each year, per traffic counts completed by the landlord, with 20% of those people coming from direct underground access to the Dundas subway stop on the Yonge subway line. Up to 4,000,000 of those people are leisure visitors to the 25-theatre Cineplex Cinemas complex and 4 major restaurants in the building, including Milestones and Jack Astors.


The company has secured a 20-year lease at 10 Dundas East, with BentallGreenOak, the 10 Dundas East building manager, and a premier Canadian and Global real estate management company. The attraction will comprise 45 thousand square feet, primarily located on lower levels B2 and B3, with the entrance located at B1 adjacent to the Dundas subway entrance, and with dedicated signage and space at lobby level and on B1 level to guide guests to Little Canada. The building is designed as an entertainment mall, with public escalators moving people from the ground between upper and lower levels, including to B1, and with private escalators moving guests to B2 and B3.


The Yonge-Dundas neighbourhood includes the Eaton’s Centre, across the intersection, Massey Hall, one block south, Toronto City Hall, one block West, and the Ed Mirvish Theatre, also one block south, and is the #1 visited neighbourhood in Toronto for leisure visitors.60% of all visitors by air visit this neighbourhood, per Tourism Toronto exit survey research. It is also highly accessible for residents, school groups and events, given the Subway access from B1, and ample parking in the area. Ryerson University sits to the north and east side of the building, and also occupies significant space in 10 Dundas East.


 Little Canada

A magical journey of discovery through Canada in miniature

At Little Canada, we are building a unique and immersive miniature world experience for our guests that is unlike anything they have ever seen.  We are combining the 19th-century crafts of model railways, dollhouse-making and model shipbuilding with the 21st-century technologies of autonomous driving cars, miniature lighting, theatrical sound design, video projection, 3D printing and augmented reality.

Little Canada Attraction Layout and Features

The entrance to Little Canada is located at level B1, adjacent to the Dundas subway station entrance. The attraction is laid out on 2 floors, levels B2 and B3.

Little Canada Layout at 10 Dundas East – First Level (Level B2)


Little Canada Layout at 10 Dundas East – Second Level (Level B3) 


More Little Canada Features!

Littlization Station - 3D Scanning Booth 


Want to become a Little Canadian? Stop by our Littlization Station to get scanned and made into your very own 3D Little Me. We'll make you an official citizen of Little Canada and place your Little Me in our world - at Carnaval in Québec, perhaps?


Miniature Makers Workshop


Curious about how our Little Canada comes to be? Stop by our Miniature Makers Workshop to see how our talented craftspeople make it all!


Dear Canada Corner


If you're feeling expressive and want to share your love for Canada, big or little, stop by our Dear Canada Corner and tell us how you feel!


Indulge in some delicious bite-size Canadian goodies after your journey through Little Canada at the Little Bites café. Canadian inspired refreshments to satisfy your sweet or salty craving. Never forget your experience and the memories made at Little Canada by grabbing a little keepsake from the Little Things gift shop.


Small World, Big Media

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New Little-Investor - Tiered Investment Perks! 

When you become a New Little Canada investor (aka, a shareholder), not only do you receive equity, in the form of preferred shares, but you also receive “perks”: a 3D printed “mini-me” version of yourself to place in our world, for example, as well as special access to our attraction and other perks, depending on your level of investment, and summarized in the table below.  


Founding Investor – your original Tiered Investment Perks still apply!

For our original Founding Investors, your original Tiered Investment Perks still apply and you're encourage to allowed to invest to Get-To-The-Next-Level!  For example, if you’re a Prospector, at the $5,000 level, by investing $5,000 more, you can stretch to the original $10,000 Investment Perks level to become a Logger enabling you to receive the 2 Life-Time Passes, or from a Logger to a Farmer and receive a family of 6 Life-Time pass, for example, along with the other perks at those levels. 

Please see the table below as a reminder of what the prior perks were.



For more information regarding investment, please contact 

Bill Tharp at or call directly at (416)505-3256. 


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Please join us in building an exciting new legacy to this great country of ours, a journey of discovery and delight from coast to coast to coast, that anyone can enjoy in just one visit.