Mini Monthly Round-Up | December

Happy Holiday Season!

The countdown to Christmas is on, and like Santa’s elves, we’ve been busy in our workshop creating tiny delights for all the good little boys and girls.  In our miniature Ottawa, we’ve completed Parliament, and we’re elbows deep in The Chateau Laurier, the Supreme Court of Canada and Byward Market’s autonomous car system.   We’ve hosted a number of guests at our pilot site this month, and we’ve met with potential investors in our small investor campaign.   Stay tuned for news of our campaign to go live, or visit our website for more information on investing at

Scroll down below for details and photos from this month’s activities.

MTC Parliament.jpg

Three's Company!

We’re excited to announce that our third Parliament building, West Block, is complete!  West Block joins Centre Block and East Block to stand tall and proud on our miniature Parliament Hill.  Our modellers Mark, Tyler and Camille teamed up to put 2,500 hours of work in to this majestic trio, and we think it shows.

Check out more photos here!

Arif Virani.jpg

Be a part of something small

This month we were happy to host our honourable Members of Parliament, Arif Virani, MP for Parkdale-High Park, and Pam Damoff, MP for Oakville-Burlington North, at our freshly festive Pop-Up store on Queen Street West.   We took the opportunity to scan Arif and Pam while they were at Selftraits.  And we just got their 'mini-me's' in! Hey Arif and Pam, now we just have to decide where you want your mini-me placed!   

Check out photos from Arif’s and Pam’s visits here!


Honey, we’ve shrunk the team!  

Our partnership with Selftraits has been such a great experience that we thought it would be fun to create 3D mini-me’s of the team that is building Our Home & Miniature Land.  And we also thought this would be a fitting tribute to this dedicated and talented group of miniature Canada builders.  We even scanned Jack, our unofficial mascot.  

Check out photos from our scanning party here!


Visit from The Beaver

Last week, the team from Oakville's community newspaper, The Beaver, came in to do a feature on Jean-Louis, our team and our pursuit of building Canada in miniature. From Toronto to the Golden Horseshoe, to our newest destination, Ottawa, Jean-Louis took the crew on a tour of the all the work that has gone in to capturing Canada in miniature, so far.

Read article here! 



Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.34.59 PM.png

Lights, Camera, Miniaturize!

We’re excited about the December 22nd release of the new movie Downsizing, starring Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig.  What a great storyline – scientists discover how to shrink humans to help solve the problems of over-population, and married couple Paul (Matt) and Audra (Kristen) volunteer to get shrunk!  That’s our kind of movie.  And last week, we hosted our friends from Cineplex as they shot some promotional video for the film in our miniature world.  Catch a glimpse of us in the promo ads coming in December.  

Check out photos from all the action here!



Christmas Countdown

In the spirit of Christmas, we wanted to do something festive with a miniature spin.   So we took over 25 miniature hotel rooms of the Chateau Laurier that we’re building in Ottawa to create an advent calendar, with each room and each day representing something we love about the holiday season.

Catch up on our holiday scenes here!

Camille Wodka