Miniature Musings

We have come along way since our last newsletter in December 2014. We finalized and completed the Toronto exhibit, dressed it up with skirting, and made it ready for our first official viewings.

We hosted two groups of teachers and staff from the Halton School District and the Toronto School District with a third group from the Peel District expected in April.

Through Kids Upfront we hosted 25 Grade 6 students from Carlton Village and last week had a group of Instructional Coaches and Coordinators from the Peel District School Board.

In early March we organized four “open House” events to which over 250 visitors attended. These visits included elaborate workshops with extensive feedback forms on the one hand to smaller four question feedback forms on the other.


What, there are others?

It’s hard to believe but there are other, very notable “miniaturelands” out there. Each has it’s own focus and charm. Here are a couple of examples.

Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad (ODMR) opened in 2004 and is Canada’s largest “Märklin” model railway located in Osoyoos British Columbia, a small community in the Okanagan Valley.   

It has ranked within the top twenty tourist attractions in BC by Tripadvisor.

One can experience over 4000 square feet of family fun with more than 1800 houses and over 18,000 hand painted figures. It has up to 45 computer-controlled trains running through very detailed landscaping with European style towns and houses. 

ODMR claims to be the only public display in North America featuring a car system (Faller Car System) running on some roads. These cars and trucks run along streets using a guide wire embedded within the road.

Faller Car System

ODMR is open all year round Mondays through Saturdays 10am to 5pm. Admission prices for adults are $7.50,- and kids 2-12 years old $4.50,- All prices are taxes inclusive.

It is a family business enterprise started by Paul Petersen and managed by his family.


Miniatur Tirolerland is the latest of several new attractions that have opened or are due to open in Europe.

Miniatur Tirolerland plans to open end of 2014 (as of February 2015 according to their website they have not opened).

It is located in Vienna, Austria and depicts the province of Tirol with its mountains, valleys, summer and winter scenes, and their main city.

(They are looking to name their city by inviting the public to make suggestions online).

Similar to Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, it featured primarily a caricature display with primarily moving trains and cars covering over 4km of railway track.


Communications: Roots – The Source

OHML was approached by Roots Canada to feature an article in their “Roots – The Source” print and electronic magazine.The article entitled “Canada Like Never Seen Before” written by Alissa Randall, was published in their 120th March/April 2015 issue (page 18) 


Picture This

OHML Ontario images from all angles - a great way to see our development up close and personal. 


Open House

For those that still want to come see the Toronto Exhibit we have another Open House planned for April 18th. Click here to register.

Jacqueline Wong