Happy endings and new beginnings

We come to the end of a fantastic year for OHML. There have been many victories and equally many challenges. The train has left the roundhouse and we're well on our way to gaining momentum within the business.

Thanks goes to the team: a group of dedicated people that wish to see this amazing project come to fruition.

Enjoy the Holidays and looking forward to 2016!!

Something Good is “Appening” at OHML

To broaden the OHML experience even more, the OHML “app” is in the works and will be available for download at no cost. Visitors will be encouraged to bring their smartphones or tablets with earphones. The sky’s the limit on how we will optimize the interface for our guest’s enjoyment and learning. Push notification will alert the visitor in which exhibit he/she has entered. Imagery and interactive display will mirror the physical exhibit where videos can be triggered to provide further explanation. Here’s an example of a video explaining Oakville’s downtown BIA

We, at OHML, are super thrilled to be building the app which will, no doubt, further benefit our product and overall visitor experience to Explore, Experience and Learn


In the News: Purolator Quarterly

Purolator sends out a quarterly newsletter to all their 11,000 employees across Canada. Their communications department wrote an article entitled “Purolator: Canadian iconic brand captured in exhibition.” It was published in their 3rd quarter edition, which appeared end of November 2015.


In the News: Today Commercial News

November 27th 2015 a short article appeared on the Today Commercial News website showing Our Home & Miniature Land’s Toronto exhibit.

Our Very Own Last Spike

You may recall us publishing the Last Spike photo last month. Upon closer inspection we notice a close strikingly close resemblance to Jean Louis and Dave?

November 7, 1885 was a big day for the young nation of Canada which at the time was only 18 years old. That day the final spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven into the tracks at Craigellachie, B.C. connecting east and west. The celebrated Last Spike photograph features Donald Alexander Smith, senior director of the CPR, doing the deed. Just off to his right is Sir Sandford Fleming, the engineer and inventor who gave the world its time zones. 

We have recreated that famous photo with our own Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer taking the place of Smith, and engineer Dave Maclean for Fleming.

History often repeats itself.

Jacqueline Wong