Construction in miniature world

With the Hamilton Exhibit nearing completion towards end of April the team has started to plan it's next exhibits: Ottawa and Niagara. A three day trip took place in February to Ottawa to take advantage of witnessing the "Winterlude"‎.

The team returned with a ‎basic framework to work from. Further details expected in May.


Mattamy Homes project shows how to build a home

By Bob Chalmers

Pretty well everything we make at Our Home and Miniature Land is done in stages and home building is no different. I had the pleasure of building a display known as the Mattamy Homes project with the help of my son David. It’s a five-part display illustrating the various stages in the construction of a home with lots of detail including animation, lighting, construction equipment, and many little figures of people doing their jobs on the site.

The display takes you from a hole in the ground to the foundation to framing and right to the finished model home. My only source of information was one picture – an artist’s conception of the finished home. At our next Open House you will be able to see this display which we think will be of interest to school kids and other visitors who want to learn about construction.

Education is part and parcel of what we are doing and we think the Mattamy Homes project will be a popular exhibit.


In the Press: Globe and Mail

A feature on Our Home and Miniature Land was included in a section on the City of Mississauga that was inserted into 90,000 copies of The Globe and Mail on February 4, 2016. The feature included photos of our exhibits of the Distillery District and Rogers Centre.

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One of the Team: David Domanski

David Domanski is one of the skilled craftsmen who is building exhibits for Our Home and Miniature Land. His title is Draughtsman of Delicate Dwellings. This is meticulous work that requires large-scale and small-scale designing and fabricating. It also includes planning exhibits, coordinating individual modelling team tasks, and operating the laser cutter/engraver machine.

David graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, and came to Our Home and Miniature Land through a connection with one of the partners, Dave Maclean. He previously worked at Stafford Haensli Architects, was an urban designer for the City of Brampton, and did freelance work. He enjoys cooking, music and woodworking.

His favourite book is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and his favourite movie is What We Do in the Shadows.

Camille Wodka