Fall is here...in June?

Hello to all our loyal followers!

We couldn’t be happier with the progress at Our Home & Miniature Land, and with every tiny step, we are closer to the goal. With that said, we wanted to share some exciting news, our Golden Horseshoe exhibit is finally complete! With parts of London, Waterloo and Stratford making miniature appearances, and our very own highway 401, it’s a picturesque site amongst the beautiful fall colours. To add, our new website has launched and we had a visit from CTV’s Knight in the Morning LIVE on-line morning show.

Phew, it sure has been a busy month in miniature land!

MiniWorld Rotterdam, home of the world’s largest miniature port

Known as Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam is a city with amazing culture and heritage. In addition to being a city with the second largest population in the Netherlands, it is home to another fellow miniature attraction, MiniWorld Rotterdam.

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Meet Damon Stead!

Damon Stead, Factotum to the Miniature Macrocosm, has been with Our Home & Miniature Land since its mini beginnings. One of our finest modellers, Damon’s beautiful masterpieces display incredible levels of detail and artistry. 

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The Golden Horseshoe, a splash of colour

May was an exciting month for us at Our Home & Miniature Land as it marks the completion of our Golden Horseshoe exhibit! The team is now focusing their attention on building our third exhibit, Ottawa. Throughout the new exhibit, you’ll find various recognizable places from London, Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford, and even our very own bustling Octoberfest. 

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Early Mornings with Knight! 

It was an early Tuesday morning at OHML last week as we had the pleasure of hosting our friends Anwar Knight and Sarah Virro from CTV Toronto. The whole team showed up to be part of the Facebook Live, Twitter Live and Instagram video for CTV’s ‘Knight in the Morning’ segment. Anwar and Sarah went on a journey through Toronto's cityscape lit with over 30 thousand LED lights, were part of a car chase zipping through our miniature highway 401, and got a sneak peek into the construction of our Parliament building of the Ottawa exhibit. There was no shortage of footage so make sure to check out the video of the segment below!

CTV Morning Live 

Follow the journey on our new website!

With all the exciting progress happening here at Our Home & Miniature Land, we thought it would be fun to give our current website a little re-model. The new site lets you follow our story and get a glimpse into our miniature world. With snapshots of concept illustrations into the future Our Home & Miniature Land, a look into team members and the faces behind the work, and access to a sneak peek page with photos of current exhibits, it’s a great way to keep up to date with what's taking place.

Camille Wodka