Mini Monthly Round-Up | November

Happy  November friends!

As clocks fall back and days shorten, we bid an early adieu to our dear friend the sun. During these long and crisp Canadian nights, our journey of building a miniature Canada attraction is shining brighter than ever.

With our FrontFundr small investor campaign complete, the team has been putting much of their focus into the design of our Niagara destination and our aspiration to build a mesmerizing miniature Horseshoe Falls - we're feeling lucky about this one.

For this month's news, we're featuring a spotlight on one of our own miniature Canada builders, a mini mention about us in the big world and an article about the fascination of miniaturizing our modern world.

And as you may have been thinking it, we feel the need to mention location, location location! We’re making good progress on securing our final home so we can create that truly magical journey for you all to experience.  The world we're building is like the perfect poutine - our final home is the golden bed of crispy fries, our miniature destinations are the silky gravy, and those salty tender cheese curds, that’s the team building it all. Stay tuned!

Grab a little snack and read up below for more on all this news!


Mini Spotlight | Nancy Sumioka

Behind the magic of the lights, scenery and little stories are the people creating it all. The energy they bring in addition to their skill are the building blocks of this journey. This month, we spotlight one of our very much appreciated team members and miniature Canada builders - Nancy Sumioka!

Keep reading here!



19 of the Worlds Biggest City Models | Interesting Engineering 

Did you hear! We made it on the list of 19 of the Worlds Biggest City Models in the online publication, Interesting Engineering! We’re excited to have the lead-off position in the article, though this isn’t a prioritized list.

Read the article here and see how far we've come!


Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.08.49 AM.png

Little Reads from the United Kingdom | The Guardian 

Living as a giant, if even just for a short while, and marveling at all the tiny wonders, allows you to transport yourself from your known world into one that you can solely narrate. The Guardian writes a piece on the universal appeal of miniature worlds around the globe by showcasing the grand-daddy of them all, Beckonscot Model Village in Beaconsfield, UK. Need an escape from the worries and tension of a modern hectic world? Visit a miniature world, or…

Read the article here.

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