Mini Monthly Round-Up | May

Happy Miniature Tulip Season, Canada!

This month, we’ve been sowing more seeds to grow Toronto’s next big attraction!  Our small investor campaign went live on April 12th, we hosted our first-ever corporate event, and we transformed our Ottawa destination into a twinkling, moving metropolis.

The team worked zealously to prepare our Ottawa destination for the many investors and guests who have crossed through our miniature border this month. Our autonomous car system is up and running in Ottawa, The National Gallery of Canada is complete, and the last piece of our Chateau Laurier was cut this week. Hooray!

We even included a little homage to one of Stephen King’s classic novels in the hallway of our Chateau Laurier, endorsed by the author himself with a retweet, which you can see here.  A huge thank-you to the original tweeter, Linwood Barclay, one of our biggest supporters AND an internationally acclaimed author in his own right.

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DOLLAR SIGN FULL 4 (CLEAN)(M)corrected.jpg

FrontFundr Investor Campaign – Whoa, We’re Halfway There! 

We’re off to a strong start after the first three weeks of our small investor campaign, with $253,500 of our $500,000 investment objective achieved, and an additional $135,000 pledged as of today.  We’d like to thank all of the investors who have joined our team of Canada-builders.  We’re inspired by your passion and your shared belief in our vision. 

For others who have an interest in investing with us but may be in need of a little nudge, our campaign runs until end of May, and our first 200 investors receive a special gift – a limited edition Our Home & Miniature Land city bus – along with many other perks.  So hop on the bus with the rest of us to take advantage of our $2 per share offer.  See our webpage on FrontFundr or our company website to invest with us.

Investor Open House April 21 – Seeing is Believing

We’ve always said “you need to see it to believe it”, so with the launch of our small investor campaign we held our first Investor Open House at our pilot warehouse on Saturday, April 21.  We hosted over 100 potential investors and their families and friends, who came along for a sneak peek and test-drive of our three pilot destinations. Our Open House included a tour of our miniature Toronto, Golden Horseshoe and Ottawa, and one-on-one discussions with Jean-Louis, Dave and John and members of our build team about our investment opportunity.  We collected 36 surveys from this event, and this potential investor group rated our attraction experience 4.7 out of 5.0, on average, and gave us some very helpful feedback.  Thanks to everyone who came out to meet with us. 

Check out more photos here!

A Milestone - Our First Hosted Corporate Event

We can add a new milestone to our list of ‘firsts’! On April 12th we hosted our first-ever corporate event of over 200 guests for Isherwood Geostructural Engineers’ 45th anniversary.  Corporate events will make up a big part of our business when we open to the public, but as we’re currently in construction mode, we thank Isherwood for their courage in betting on our ability to create a magical venue for their event.

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Ottawa-tonomous Car System Test Run

It may seem like magic makes the wheels of our miniature cars turn, but there is a method to the madness of these tiny spinning wheels. Stan, Norm and James, our in-house Vehicle Ops specialists, have adapted software from a system originally developed by Danish company Games On Track. Our team has managed to make the vehicles of our miniature streets behave in an eerily life-like way. So much so that you might be fooled into thinking a real mini-person is actually behind the wheel!

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(I think someone should be paying a bit more attention)

(I think someone should be paying a bit more attention)

The National Gallery of Canada, Now a Miniature Masterpiece

In last month’s Round-Up we sent out a little tease about the build of The National Gallery of Canada. We now have more photos to share of the competed structure!  Check them out below.

From photography to sculptures, paintings and drawings, The National Gallery of Canada, that has been referred to as "celebration of light",  houses the most renowned Collections of Indigenous, Canadian and European art in Canada. The structure was designed by Moshe Safdie, an architect who is recognized for such works as the Habitat 67 housing complex in Montreal and Vancouver Library Square.

With rooms, corridors, ceilings and lighting in place, all we need now is the beautiful art installations to fill the walls and spaces, and tiny gallery-goers to cram the rooms of our exhibits.  Stay tuned!


Camille Wodka