Mini Monthly Round-Up | January

New year, new adventures! 

2019 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet. The team is outlining our goals and objectives with much of the focus on finalizing location and building our next 3 destinations.

For this month, our Round-Up is short and sweet. We ended 2018 with a fantastic segment from CBC Arts highlighting some of our talented team, we have a new addition to our transportation fleet zipping down our Toronto streets, and we have photos to share from our holiday event at the Royal Alexandra Theatre for Come From Away. Keep your little eye out because soon we’ll have this iconic theatre in our miniature world!
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The faces behind the miniature places | CBC Arts 

CBC Arts visited in late 2018 to film a segment for their Exhibitionists series that spotlights the many fresh and diverse talents within Canada. They highlighted some of our very own talented team members and their role in building this miniature Canada attraction. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the artists who make our miniature magic materialize!

Watch video here!

Also, watch as host Amanda Parris visits our 3D printing partner Objex Unlimited, and steps into the scanning booth, or what we like to call the shrink booth, for the full miniature experience.

Introducing Flexcity Outlook  | TTC streetcar

Is that the new Flexcity Outlook streetcar…in miniature? Sure is! Our talented team of miniature modellers and vehicle specialists have custom built the new TTC streetcars and last week it went out on its first run. Happy to say that no issues have been reported on the line. Stay tuned, soon we’ll have a whole fleet picking up and dropping off our miniature citizens!

Welcome to the Rock | Come From Away 

Poutine pizza, anyone? It was an end of the year celebration to remember! The team went out for dinner at Bannock, a savoury Canadian comfort food restaurant and later watched a spectacular performance at the Royal Alexandra Theatre for the Come From Away show - an uplifting performance of an inspiring story that makes you truly proud to be Canadian.

Camille Wodka