Mini Monthly Round - Up | February

Happy February.

Winter has arrived, and though this chilly weather shouldn't come as a shock - we do live in Canada - an early thaw would be nice. Let’s just hope the groundhog got it right and we’ll be saying hello to Spring very soon!

The team’s main focus this month has been on the build of our Niagara destination. From giant hotels overlooking our Horseshoe Falls to quaint little shops on the streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake, many little stories are beginning to emerge. 

This month we have a new vintage addition to our Toronto destination, one that is sure to brighten these grey February days, we took our friends from CTV news on a little virtual tour, and we have an update to share on one of our tiny Niagara attractions, it's DINO-mite! 

Read on for more on all this news!


Come In And Get Lost! | Honest Ed's

It became a landmark, a destination, a one-stop shop for residents, and tourists, to find anything they needed and many things they didn’t! Honest Ed’s, Toronto’s iconic bargain store, may no longer grace the corner of Bloor St. and Bathurst St., but the mammoth discount store will live on in much smaller proportions in our Toronto destination. Like many, we mourned its passing, so we're happy to resurrect this massive building in a slightly smaller stature. 

Created by our talented team members Norm, Alex, Damon and Stan, the structure is an exact miniature replica of the real building and a model example of what teamwork can accomplish. 

The initial concept of the design was developed by Norm. Using photos as reference, he and Alex designed the sign in CAD software and passed it on to the structures team to create a cardboard mock-up so that it could be constructed concurrently with the physical structure. To match the effect of one of the largest lit signs anywhere outside of Las Vegas, over 900 individual fiberoptic lights were used! After it was cut and painted, the next arduous task was to individually glue in each light, one by one - a masterclass in patience.


The physical structure was created by Damon who took the unique details about the building and replicated it in miniature form. As a finishing touch, Stan printed the complicated roof structure on our in-house 3D printer. With its iconic window signage and quirky slogans, the team worked hard to capture the essence of the building and the giant footprint it left on Toronto’s history. 

How'd they do? You be the judge! 


Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 3.01.54 PM.png

Did you happen to catch us on CTV News and CP24 last weekend? We took news anchor Angie Seth on a virtual tour of the miniature Canada we're building. Thanks to everyone who posted about seeing the news clip. And thanks to Angie, Brandon and the CTV team for the opportunity to spread the word.

Watch the clip here.



Dinosaur Adventure Golf | DINO-mite fun!

Mini mini-putt, anyone? With winter nudging past the half-way mark, it's time to day dream about summer past-times, like a round of mini-putt. When the ice melts, we highly recommend a visit to Dinosaur Adventure Golf. Until then, enjoy a stroll around our miniature version, or perhaps a spin on the Niagara SkyWheel for all you thrill seekers.

Don't worry! Dinosaurs are smaller than they appear.

Camille Wodka