Mini Monthly Round - Up | March

Goodbye Fe-brrr-uary! Hello March.

A few more weeks and we’ll all have a little bit more ‘spring’ in our step. While we wait, there are a few celebrations to look forward to this month like International Women’s Day, St. Patricks Day and a favourite, Pancake Tuesday - we’ve made sure to have plenty of maple syrup, and tiny pancakes, stocked up!

As we bounce back from what is hopefully the last dumping of snow for winter, the team is steadily working away on the Niagara destination. Over the last month, we’ve had some BIG world mentions that we’re excited to share with you all and we have a new addition to our Niagara destination that is taking our mini citizens to exciting new heights.

Ever wonder how we make room for our miniature world to grow - have a sneak peek below!

Aero Car.jpg

Spanish Aero Car | A New Miniature Perspective

There’s a new ride opening at Our Home & Miniature Land and let's just say, it’s not for the faint of heart. The Spanish Aero Car is suspended over 200 ft above the Niagara River and offers spectacular views. If however, you’re not a fan of heights, mini-tourists can hop aboard our much smaller version to witness the great phenomena of the Niagara Whirlpool, this small scale version will only be 21 inches above the river!

Master modeller and Head of Scenery, Dan Notley has designed an exact replica of the thrilling ride. One of our first animated brass pieces, Dan hand-formed and soldered all the tiny components and added laser board adornments for a touch of detail. Using 4 cables, this compact Aero Car will be propelled by a linear actuator, basically, a mechanism that makes things move. The four counter weighted cables need to be perfectly balanced to ensure that it can continuously run and safely transport our mini passengers back on the ground. With support from Norman Carr, who assisted in the construction of the gondola, and a fresh coat of paint, this antique cable car is ready to take its mini tourists on a gripping ride.

In operation since 1916, the Spanish Aero Car, also known as the Whirlpool Aero Car, was designed by a Spanish engineer named Leonardo Torres Quevedo. One round trip is a kilometre long and 10-minute exhilarating experience. Ourpassengers will experience only half the fear as this shrunken version will take approximately 5 minutes. Nail biting, nonetheless.

union station.jpg

Toronto Life | A Look inside An Eerily Lifelike Miniature Canada

We hosted our friends from Toronto Life for another little trip around our miniature Canada attraction. It’s been a while since they last visited, and we’ve had many new developments to share. Their reaction, “THIS IS EPIC!”

Read the article here!

narcity .jpg

Narcity | A Super Lifelike Miniature Experience 

We love surprises, BIG and small, so what a joy it was to come across an article by online media company, Narcity, who picked up our story after seeing it posted on Toronto Life. Thank you for the mention! 

Read the article here!

Making Moves!

What do you do when you run out of space? You improvise! Like a perfectly arranged puzzle, the team made room for our miniature world to grow. Check out asour team of GIANT Canadians tuck away the Ottawa River and Gatineau to make room for the newest destination - the Niagara Region.

Camille Wodka