Mini Monthly Round-Up | July

Happy July, Canada…hope you’re keeping cool!

We’re going to jump right into this month’s news because we've achieved some milestones this month that are worthy of a Canada Day celebration.

The close of our two investor campaigns, our FrontFundr small investor campaign, and our big investor campaign, is imminent. We’re days away so stay tuned for a separate announcement on this.

To add to this news, we were part of Moses Znaimer’s incredible 3-day IdeaCity conference, the guests of our Château Laurier have started to check-in and we’ve welcomed some new faces to the team! For more on all this news, continue reading below!


It's Canada Day, and WE LOVE CANADA!

It’s no secret that we love Canada. It’s instilled in our vision of creating a magical journey of discovery through Canada in miniature. Ask most people what they think about Canada and you’ll hear: hockey, free health care, and maybe Celine Dion, and we’re proud of that but it only scratches the surface. We’re a country of natural beauty, four glorious seasons, friendliness and diversity so it’s no wonder we’re ranked 2nd in the world on U.S. News & World Report's Best Countries list. This Canada Day, and every day after, we are proud to express our love to the best country in the world. And no, we’re not sorry about that! Happy Canada Day from all of us!


Moses with a miniature model of his beloved Jaguar XK120 automobile. Thank you to the team for putting this mini momento together! 

Moses with a miniature model of his beloved Jaguar XK120 automobile. Thank you to the team for putting this mini momento together! 

Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity | 3 Days of Unique and Fascinating.

Like the saying goes - you need to see it to believe it.  Last month we welcomed media icon Moses Znaimer to our pilot site to experience our miniature Canada in person. An experience that Moses referred to as ‘irresistible’, and that compelled him to invite us to share our work at his upcoming IdeaCity conference.  Listen to the talk we gave about “Building Canada in Miniature”… 

Watch the talk here!

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Château Laurier | First Guests Have Checked-In!

With our Ottawa destination nearing completion, most of the elements of our miniature capital city are in place with one building that we’re especially excited to unveil – Chateau Laurier. Our miniature version includes 761 windows and 64 hotel rooms, with some guests who have already made themselves right at home. Let’s just say you won’t be able to pass this building without spending several minutes absorbing all the stories hidden within. Stay tuned for our grand unveiling next month. For now, here’s a sneak peek into this magnificent building!



Welcome Aboard!

Our attraction is all about people – our designers, builders, operators and communicators - and it’s always a joy to welcome bright new minds to our team.  Say hello to Michael and Maya, our summer students!

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Maurice first found himself in the Distillery District of Toronto, one of Toronto’s top tourist destinations during the holiday season.

June 25, 2018

Maurice’s Big Canada Day Tour!

Come take a tour with us to see the destinations Maurice visited during his vacation! In preparation for Canada Day, Maurice chose 7 iconic Canadian places to visit, some of which may be familiar to you! Read below to find out what parts of Canada he explored.

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Camille Wodka