When you first enter Little Canada, you’ll be handed a Little Canada passport that you will take on your journey through the many sights, sounds, and sometimes smells, of Little Canada. You will be greeted by our customs agents, but don’t worry, they’re friendly! If you ask for it, you might even get a big bear hug.

For launch in 2020, we’ll be opening with 5 destinations, which include destinations such as Little Niagara, Little Toronto and Little Ottawa. You’ll also get a peek into the progress of our next destination, Little North.

After the launch of our first 5 destinations, every year or two after, we will open a new destination until our journey reaches across the country, coast-to-coast-to-coast. From the border, through the Rockies. From the East Coast and up to the North, a new landscape to explore is around every corner - it’s an experience for all ages.


Destinations for Launch in 2020

Click on the destination badge for a sneak peek of the build!


The Little Canada Journey for 2020


That’s not all! Along your journey, you’ll discover the many other experiences of

Little Canada.


3-D Scanning Booth


 Want to become a Little Canadian yourself?  Stop at our Littlization Station to get scanned into your very own 3-D Little Me.  We’ll make you an official citizen of Little Canada and place your Little Me in our world – at Carnaval in Quebec, perhaps?  



Curious on how our team builds Little Canada?  Stop by our Miniature Makers space to watch our craftspeople at work!


Dear Canada Corner

If you’re feeling expressive, stop by our Dear Canada Message Board and tell us how you feel about Canada - Big or Little.


Feeling hungry? Pop into our Little Bites café to satisfy your palette with some delicious Canadian food. And on your way out, be sure to grab a souvenir of your favourite little destination or a Maurice memento at our Little Things gift shop!